What is w2-digital.com about?
About W2 SocialSight©. An application that helps you to find out how others see you in social networks, how you see yourself and how both views can merge.

How do you determine my image?
We measure how many are talking about you, how many are referencing you, if positive, and whether repeatedly. We define this as reach, relevance, reputation and popularity.

Where does the data come from?
We use the technology of Social Searcher. It works in a similar way to Google, but only searches social networks for content that matches a particular query.

Which social networks are considered?
We concentrate on Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus as, together, they present the bulk of today’s social media landscape.

How do you calculate my personal values?
All search results feed into our specially developed algorithm, W2 SocialSense©. How it works in detail is something we’d like to keep as a secret. (We are very proud of it!)

Why do my results differ quite significantly, sometimes even after just a very short period of time?
Because every minute millions of content pieces are published. The likelihood that they have an impact on the search result and therefore on your personal values, is quite high.

Why do I get 0%?
Because in comparison to all published content worldwide too few people are talking about you.

Do you save information about myself?
No. The application is based on the principles of a search engine: Anyone can search anything at any time. If you then decide to send us your analysis, it is your personal choice.

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We measure your reach.
It gives you an idea of how many people are talking about you.

We identify your relevance.
It gives you an idea of how many people are referencing you.

We analyse your reputation.
It gives you an idea of how many people are speaking well about you.

We calculate your popularity.
It gives you an idea of how many people are mentioning you repeatedly.

Your imageThis is how people see you









Your identityThis is how you see yourself

Your strategyThis is what your future can look like


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Our serviceWe turn individuals into digital brands


People talk about people. By doing this, they contribute to an individual’s public perception twenty-four-seven. You cannot elude conversations or prevent people from talking. If you ignore this, you have to live with other people’s opinions. By actively communicating though, you can not only influence opinions, but also benefit from them.


We communicate in social networks on behalf of individuals. Our specialised App helps us to create unique content and participate in discussions, with our clients contributing and spearheading the process. Because we are proactive, we influence the public’s opinion of our client and help them establishing their individual digital identity.


We save our clients time and provide expertise. Our solutions are personal, customised and exclusive - and this is also how we position our clients. We enhance their recognition value to create long-term relationships. This enables us to maximise our client’s marketing potential. We turn them into personal brands.

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